Saturday, October 25, 2008

Patriots QB situation

With every game it becomes increasingly more clear that the Patriots are looking at missing the playoffs with Matt Cassel throwing the ball. Moss is going to get more and more frustrated until he hits a point where he just says fuck it ill save myself for next year when I have a real QB back (assuming Brady's knee heals) and starts jogging through all his routs. With the trade deadline past and that option no longer open, the Pats options are limited. Sticking with Cassel is pretty much an admission that this season is over and. There is however one option waiting on the free agent market waiting for a call. Daunte Culpepper.

While Culpepper didn't have good years in Miami or Oakland and hasn't played at all this year, he has never really done anything when his best receiver was not named Moss. Culpepper recently expressed interest in unretiring and if your Belichick you have to at least think about it. Moss and Culpepper had numerous solid years together and made the conference championship game together and if Belichick is the genius everyone says he is (I have my doubts) he should be thinking that he can win a super bowl with that combo with a better supporting cast and his genius. Moss and Culpepper while rocky near the end of their relationship both want one thing, a championship. Moss has to know that with Matt fricken Cassel throwing him the ball he has no shot at this so it shouldn't be much of a problem to convince him that he should kiss and make up with Culpepper.

Now I'm not saying this will necessarily work. Culpepper might have lost too much to be effective in the NFL with his knee difficulties. He obviously won't have the mobility he used to have and I'm not entirely convinced he will be able to throw the deep ball like he used to. But if the difference is missing the playoffs or a first round elimination with Cassel or anything can happen with Culpepper you have to take that chance. The worst case scenario is you sign him, play him for a game or two and if it doesn't work out you cut your losses. Prove you aren't a fraud Belichick and take a risk that gives your team a chance. Do it without Brady.

Disclaimer: This will never happen because Belichick is a pansy who doesn't want to take any chances that will risk his reputation as a genius. With Cassel playing QB he can always fall back on look, my starting QB hasn't started a game since high school until this year.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Real McCoy?

Since I forgot to when I was talking about sports earlier, heres my college football predictions. Texas is definitely going to the National title game as much as I hate to admit it, and Colt McCoy is a basic lock for the Heisman once that happens. This will make me cry. Their opponent is unfortunately coming from the big ten meaning we will have another shitty national title game involving Texas kicking the living shit out of Ohio State or Penn State. I think it will be Penn State but it really comes down to who wins when they play. Nobody else in the Big ten is coming close to beating these two teams. Michigan is shitty and is missing a bowl for the first time in my lifetime and thats okay because they will win a national title in the next 5 years. MSU will finally make a decent bowl game which is good for all the hicks over in East Lansing.

Ball dont lie!