Thursday, June 4, 2009

Enough About Bondo to the Bullpen

With the upcoming return of Bonderman to the Tigers, Dombrowski and Leyland are faced with the task of deciding what to do with our rotation. Three of our pitchers are clearly safe with the kind of success they've had so far this season so the question comes down to which of the following 3 are going to the bullpen: D-Train, Gallaraga, or Bondo. The answer has to be one of the first two. I know its been awhile since he has pitched, but Bondo is oftentimes horrendous over his first two innings of work before settling down. It has really been the only thing keeping him from becoming a dominant pitcher over the years, his achilles heal if you will. How many innings does a relief pitcher usually pitch? I think the answer is one or two but I could be wrong. Anyone else see a problem?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wings Fans, Fear Not!

So I've heard a lot of people in the D worryin about the upcoming series against the Pens. Lets be smart about this for a second guys...Yea the Wings are a lil banged up but still, this is not going to be a series, its going to be a beat down. I hear a lot on talk radio about Crosby, Malkin V. Datsyuk, Zetterberg or if Datsyuk is hurt, insert Hossa. Thats all well and good but neither of those players are the best player on the Wings roster. The Wings defense is ridiculously better then that of the Pens, led by one of the best defensemen and overall players of all time, Captain Nick Lidstrom. Top that off with one of the clutchest goalies in the history of the game, Chris Osgood, who happens to be 8-2 in Stanley Cup play and in the top ten in overall playoff wins, and fear not.

On top of the differences between the defenses, yea if you wanna take our top 2 and match them with their top 2 thats fine, its a wash. Now lets look at our depth. Who on the Pens matches up with Hossa? Franzen? Who on the Pens is going to do what Holmstrom or Helm does? Helm put on a show for the ages in game 5 single-handedly killing an entire penalty and then scoring the game winner in overtime and he plays on our FOURTH line. I'm sorry Pittsburgh, this is not your year. You can talk about how much better you've gotten since last year all you want, but you aren't the only team thats gotten better over the last year...Oh and Lets not forget we have your best player from last years finals run. Wings in 5

Thursday, May 14, 2009

You could be my favorite player

If you're a major league player you could supplant Tolbert if you have the balls to rick roll an entire stadium with your AB music. Mega bonus points if you get them to play the music video too!

My New Favorite Baseball Player

Minnesota Twin, Matt Tolbert, come on down, you are my new favorite player! Anyone who'sat bat music is Zombies by the Cranberries has to be awesome.

Armando may be coming back to Earf

After his stellar first year many wanted to claim that Galarraga was going to be an ace for the Tigers this year. There was even whisperings on talk radio in the D that he was a possible 20 game winner or even a guaranteed 17 wins. That is clearly not going to be the case. As stated in a previous post, Galarraga was one of the luckiest pitchers in the league last year in regards to runners stranded and average on balls in play. While some of this can be attributed to pitching, much of it was luck. These numbers are coming back to earth. Combine that with teams having more experience hitting off Galarraga and he may be in for a long year. Here's hoping he can turn his last 3 starts around, otherwise the English D is in some trouble.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Man Ram

As in my recent post about AROD, I still don't care about steroids and find it laughable that all these sports writers who looked the other way during the McGuire/Sosa home run race now act all high and mighty. Plaschke is a joke. Let Man Ram play, I want to see long, towering home runs.

Best Haircut Ever?