Thursday, May 14, 2009

Armando may be coming back to Earf

After his stellar first year many wanted to claim that Galarraga was going to be an ace for the Tigers this year. There was even whisperings on talk radio in the D that he was a possible 20 game winner or even a guaranteed 17 wins. That is clearly not going to be the case. As stated in a previous post, Galarraga was one of the luckiest pitchers in the league last year in regards to runners stranded and average on balls in play. While some of this can be attributed to pitching, much of it was luck. These numbers are coming back to earth. Combine that with teams having more experience hitting off Galarraga and he may be in for a long year. Here's hoping he can turn his last 3 starts around, otherwise the English D is in some trouble.

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