Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At least 1 Prediction Im willing to say I was completly wrong about

Well two, but they involve the same thing. The Royals are for real. I know its early but they have the pitching to stay in the race and win the AL Central. Greinke is a beast. If he does not win 20 games this year I'd be shocked. Thats easy to say when hes chilling at 6-0 with a cool .4 era but hes makin hitters look silly as he goes 9 on a regular basis. The only person who has a miniscule chance of challenging him for the Cy if Greinke stays healthy is Halladay and I put that somewhere between 0 and 5 percent.

On top of Greinke, the Royals are getting solid outings from their other starters and they have a lights out closer in Soria. Their lineup is below average, but with the pitching they are getting they will win a lot of games with 2 and 3 runs. If Gordon can come back and make an impact, all the better for them. Another factor benefiting the Royals is the weakness of the Central. The rest of the teams are hovering around .500 and none have been particularly impressive. The Indians are already dead as I previously discussed. The Twins are slightly dangerous with the return of Mauer but to this point they have been the least impressive of the "live" teams in the Central. The Tigers will be interesting if Guillen and Maggs start to hit but who knows if Inge will be able to continue his hot start and obviously there is going to be a small falloff for Cabrera who is hitting almost .400. This could finally be the year for the Royals.

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