Monday, May 4, 2009

Selena Robers and AROD

Speaking of things nobody should be talking about. This steroids business is getting slightly out of hand. First off, its already been reported that AROD has done steroids, and its generally accepted outside the Rodriguez family that AROD is a sleezeball liar who should not be trusted so what is the point of this book. Clearly to make money off of a dead horse because for some god awful reason people will buy this. This makes Selena Roberts a sleezeball (possible) liar who should not be trusted. I have no problem with this though. Everyone is looking for a quick dollar and to throw her under the bus would be irresponsible. What I'm trying to say here is I dont care if people did steroids. If they want to risk there bodies for millions there more then welcome to, but thats their thing. The only thing I care about are results and if I am entertained. Baseball tends to be entertaining when the ball goes a long way and is hit hard. Do I like AROD? No. Would I cheer for him if he was on my team? You bet.

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