Monday, April 6, 2009

april 7th picks

Well yesterday I went an average 7-5 including the phillies-braves game so heres another effort.
Tigers- Ill take Jackson over some no-name
White Sox- Buehrle>Meche, White Sox>Royals
Mariners, expect a bounce back from Bedard
Angels again
Giants- Lincecum starts the defense of his Cy on the right foot
Braves- Moyer's arm is bound to fall off eventually, expect a bounce back year from Francouer
Marlins, Nationals are flat out bad with or without Adam Dunn
Cubs, Astros look abysmal
Pirates, Pirates win an early series before falling back to earth
Dbacks, Rockies will miss Holliday
SDG, bounceback year for Young hides lack of Padres offense at least for this game.

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bkop said...

I would like to apologize, upon further review the pitcher for the Blue Jays is in fact not a no-name but someone who has owned the tigers in his two starts against them. I will stick to my guns however and say that ends tonight!