Monday, April 13, 2009

Dead teams walking

While it is only a little over a week in to then season I would like to send my condolences to the fans of one team, and a hearty laugh to the fans of another. These two teams are teams that many thought had a chance to contend in their divisions this year and are sadly (or happily) dead after just one week of play. This may seem like an overreaction, but these two teams will not be in the postseason. Indians fans, come on down, your team is done. Too many holes in the rotation and your offense is not getting it done. This goes deeper then your slow start. Pavano is a god awful pitcher and does not belong in the majors. He showed this with 9 earned in 1+ inning pitched in his first start. Ditto for Richmond. Anytime your pitcher being on the team can be described as despite struggling in the spring to an 8+ ERA and posting a 1-3 record, Richmond has made the Indians rotation, you are going to have a long year.

Yankees fans, start the crying and calling for Girardi's head, that money you spent is going to waste and I couldn't be happier. While I do not expect Wang's struggles to continue, there are serious issues with this rotation. Sabathia is not worth what he is being paid. Look at his numbers through much of the first half last year with the Indians in the AL and tell me you are still as confident as you were when you signed him after he dominated for the Brewers in the NL. Burnett was never that great a pitcher and age is becoming an issue. Damon, Rivera, Pettite, and Jeter are all gettin up there in age and Jeter didn't have any range to begin with at short. Combine that with ARod's injury and being in a tough division, and stick a fork in em baby! Unfortunately for Girardi, he will probably receive the blame for this when there's really nothing he can do.
Get used to seein images like this after C.C. gets yanked in the 5th inning

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