Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baseballs back!

Baseball season starts today so time for some predictions.
Al Central-Twins
Al East- Bosox
Al West- Angels
MVP- Crawford
Cy- Liriano

Reasoning...The Rays come back with much of the same team they had last year. They were a young team so many of those players may still be improving. The loss of Edwin Jackson will hurt them but I see Longoria taking another step forward after his stellar first season and them edging out the 2nd place team from the central whoever that may be for the wildcard. The Yanks, while spending enough to compete will not. Joba is going to take a step back. CC had a rough first half before moving to the NL and will not be an ace and Burnett is an avg pitcher who got overpaid and will probably be injured before the all star break. They have major holes in the field at shortstop annd question marks at 3rd with Arod.
The Central will be the most interesting division in baseball. I see 4 teams with a chance to win it and a 5th that is up and coming but is a year away from having a real shot at it. Next year once the royals get a little more experience, they may even be in the mix. I think the Twins have a team built on speed that can survive the year playingn small ball and whiddling away at teams.

East- This is the Mets year
Central- Cubs
WC-Cardinals (if Carpenter stays healthy)
Cy- Santana

The Mets with there shored up bullpen will take advantage of the Philys world series let down. Rollins and Utley up the middle will keep this division interesting until the last day but the Mets will edge them out. Cubs will continue to be solid especially with the loss of the brewers as major competitionn and the Dodgers annd Man-Ram will return to the playoffs.

World Series, Dodgers vs Bosox 4-2 dodgers. Man-Ram wins 1 last WS and cements his place as onen of the clutchest hitters of all time taking home world series mvp honors. Torre laughs at the Yankees who miss the playoffs for the 2nd year.

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