Monday, April 27, 2009

Chris Osgood Deserves Some Respect

Wings goalies and Lions quarterbacks have always faced a tough run in the city of Detroit. There is one that has earned our respect and is not being given his due, and that man is Chris Osgood. Chris Osgood has brought this city two cups and a ton of wins, but yet before these playoffs started there were still calls for Conklin to be our starter. I have no doubt these people will reemerge the moment the Wings lose a game in this postseason. What does this man need to do to get a bit of respect around here? He is going to the hall of fame when all is said and done, but yet even while bringing in cups for the Wings, fans are calling for his head and management is bringing in other goalies such as Dominik Hasek to make him look over his shoulder. Osgood is in the top ten in wins all time, top five in playoff shutouts, and will be well within the top ten in playoff wins after this season. These are no doubt hall of fame numbers in my book when combined with his two cups. A third would cement him as one of the ALL-TIME greats in the game.

A lot of people in Detroit want to talk about how he is a product of being on the Red Wings, and without the team around him he wouldn't be very good. Would they say that about Steve Yzerman? Zetterberg? Great players make great teams, they are not a product of them, and there is no doubt that Osgood is a great player. Also, while in St Louis and New York its not like he had poor seasons. All three of those years he led his team to the playoffs even if they were unable to get past the first round. Guess he was just a product of those teams too. Sure he had a bad regular season. The Wings still took the two seed in to the playoffs and he looked like a brick wall in the first three games of the Columbus series.

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