Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its Pedro Time!

The Tigers starting pitching is a huge question mark. Even assuming Porcello can fit in nicely we are looking at a Bonderman whos starting the year on the DL for major contributions, an ace who pitched abysmally last year, someone who has never thrown a pitch in a Tigers uniform and someone with a .247 against him on balls in play as well as one of the higher baserunners stranded rates in baseball at 75.6%. While pitchers do have some control over those last numbers, for the most part these statistics come down to luck. That means Armando Gallaraga may be coming back down to earth this season. As a Tiger fan I think its about time we buy some discounted insurance. Pedro Martinez pitched well during the WBC and appears to finally be healthy. While Pedro would prefer to go to a National League team, the Tigers should extend an offer to him and see what happens. Pedro wants to play and if he isn't getting bites from the NL its worth a shot. Worse comes to worse were a mill or two in the hole, or about 4 million less then the hole we are in from Nate Robertsons's contract or 12 million less then Sheffs. Plus, he hates the Yankees!

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